About eLoadVendor.com

Who we are

A group of internet enthusiastics who travel a lot and use a LOT of load, based in Manila in Philippines and with an understanding of the province life

Why did we make this website

How does it work

Choose the network you want, the amount of load you want and then pay and the credits will be transferred ASAP.  We aim for five minutes transfer time from the moment the payment is sent.  Payments are handled via paypal for security to the consumer (that's you) and to the proprietor (that's us).

Which networks do we cover?

Initially, we will focus on Globe, Talk'n'Text, Smart and Sun as these are the most popular networks.  We do have plans to spread into covering pay as you go Internet and pay as you go Cable too.  If you are really eager to buy any other types of load please do use the contact form and let us know... we will respond to demand so if you need it, we may be able to set something up for you.

Any other questions?

Contact us on the contact page